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Blackjack Playing Strategy

~ Blackjack is a game of mathematics.

~ Seek out blackjack tables with the most favorable rules.

~ Not all blackjack games are created equal. There's a wide range of rule variations, some good for the player, and some designed to do nothing but pad the house advantage.

~ Among the rules that are good for the player: Dealer stands on all 17s; player may double-down on any first two cards; player may double down after splitting pairs; player may re split Aces; player may surrender (after his first two cards, the player may surrender half his bet in exchange for not having to play out the hand.)

~ Among the rules that are bad for the player: Dealer hits soft 17, double-downs are restricted to 9, 10, or 11; player may not double after splitting pairs; player may not re split pairs; player may not re-split Aces.

~ Do you see a pattern here? Player options rules that give the player the most room to make decisions-are good, provided the player knows how to use them. Rules that restrict player decisions are bad.

~ The number of decks also enters the picture. If all other rules are equal, fewer decks are better. The house edge is lowest with a single deck, makes its biggest jump in switching from one deck to two, and increases by lesser amounts with each deck added to the shoe.

~ You should take advantage of our Blackjack chart to the right of the page. By following these moves, you'll eliminate many common mistakes and greatly improve you odds of winning. You can bookmark this site (press "Ctrl" + "D" at the same time) or just print out the page to keep it for reference. Good Luck!


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Blackjack Ballroom

Blackjack Free Blackjack Game

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