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Craps Playing Strategy

CRAPS STRATEGY #1: Classic Regression.
Goal of Craps:
To make a profit on one hit.
In this strategy, you wait until the shooter has made his/her point before placing your bets. After the Point is made you will place two units or $12.00 on both the 6 and 8. After one hit, you will ask the Dealer to come down one unit on both the 6 & 8.
You now have a $2.00 profit and can no longer get hurt by the Seven. In addition, you now have $12.00 working for you. After another hit, bring down all bets and wait for the roller to make his/her point or 7 out, then start the process over.
On two hits your net profit is: $21.00. Now depending on how confident you are, you can come down after the first hit profiting $14.00 or keep betting on the 6 & 8. If you prefer to keep your bets riding make sure that both the 6 & 8 are covered.
Behind the Strategy:
There are ten combined ways to make a 6 and 8 and six combined ways for a seven

CRAPS STRATEGY #2: " Three Point Molly"
To have three numbers working for you at all times.
In this strategy you will make a Pass Line bet and two ”Come bets”.
--Make a Pass Line bet.
--Backup your Pass Line bet with single or double odds.
--Make a Come Line bet.
--Backup each Come Bets with single or double odds (two Come bets maximum).
--When one of your Come Bets wins, place another Come Bets.
--Continue this process until the shooter makes his/her Point or Seven-Out.
Behind the Theory:
Each times you make a Come Bet you are protecting your Pass Line bets and taking advantage of a hot roller.

CRAPS STRATEGY #3: "Anything But Seven"
To win on any number thrown except a Seven.
--Don't place any bets on the Don't Pass or Pass Line, but wait until a point has been established.
--Place two units on 5, 6, & 8.
--Place one unit on the Field.
This method is a little riskier than the previous strategies, since your total monetary risk is: $39.00. Therefore, it is suggested that you remove all bets after three rolls. Should the shooter hold the dice for at least three rolls, you will stand to win anything from $15.00-$27.00(more if the numbers 2 or 12 are rolled).
Behind The Strategy:
The average roller rolls the dice 4 to 6 times before rolling a 7.

CRAPS STRATEGY #4: "68 Play"
-- 1: Don’t make a Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bet rather wait until a “POINT” is made.
-- 2: Wait till the shooter rolls the dice one more time.
-- 3: “PLACE” $18.00 on both the 6 & 8 for a total investment of $36.00
-- 4: Once a 6 or 8 is made ask the dealer for $22.00 inside
-- 5: On the next hit, ask the dealer to take down the 5 and 9
-- 6: Play out the roll for three additional rolls and then bring down the 6 & 8
The Breakdown:
-- After First Hit you will receive: $21.00
-- Takedown to 22 inside $14.00
-- Your total exposure after the first hit is $1.00. But now you have $22.00 working for you.
-- The second hit will produce $7.00 plus the return of $10.00 from the take down of 5 and 9
-- With total two hits you have a $16.00 profit and still have $12.00 working. At this “POINT”, you can continue to have the 6 & 8 working or take down your $12.00.
If the shooter has not made a 6 or 8 and/or his “POINT” by the fourth roll, bring down all bets and wait for the next shooter. If you feel uncomfortable laying $36.00 you can start with $24.00. If you feel good about the shooter you may want to keep the 5 and 9 up for more than one roll.

CRAPS Strategy #5: Regressive/Pressing Methods
One of the biggest mistakes players make is "Pressing" (letting your winnings ride) their bets too soon. As a general rule, "Pressing" should only occur after the initial investment has been recuperated.
-- 1: Wait for the shooter to make his/her “POINT”
-- 2: “PLACE” $18.00 on both the 6 & 8
-- 3: After the first hit, ask for $22.00 inside
-- 4: After the second hit, remove the 5 & 9
-- 5: After the third hit, put back the 5 & 9
-- 6: After the fourth hit press the 6 & 8 to $12.00 each
-- 7: After the fifth hit; go to Step #2.
Here Is The Breakdown:
After First Hit you will receive $21.00 and $14.00 from the takedown to 22 inside. Funds at risk are $1.00.
After Second Hit you will receive $7.00 and $10.00 from removing the 5 & 9
Total Profits after two hits: $16.00 - Money Working: $12.00

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