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Casino Games to Play & to Avoid

Casino Games to Play

In order to increase your chances of winning, you must first understand why the casino has the advantage to begin with. That advantage, or "edge" lies within the payout percentages of the casino games. Each game has it's own unique payout scale, just about always benefiting the casino. Although some games offer much better odds on winning, most weight heavily in the casino's favor. For this reason, you'll want to avoid gambling at many online casino games in order to increase your chances of winning. 

In the following table, we have summarized the casino’s advantage for the games where it's relatively low. With these games, a player with a little skill, and a little luck, has a good chance of winning. A positive percentage means that the casino has the advantage. A negative percentage indicates the player has the advantage. Most casino games offer several different wagering methods. This explains the relevant range of the casino advantage shown.

Blackjack (with basic strategy) 0% to +0.5%
Blackjack (with basic strategy and card counting) -0.2% to –1.05%
(Player advantage)
Craps +0.2% to +17%
Pai Gow Poker -0.2% to +2.5%
Baccarat +0.1% to +14.1%
Roulette +2.6% to +7.9%
Video Poker -0.1% to +5.0%
Sic Bo +2.8% to +47.5%
Slots +0.5% to +10% or more

The Games To Play – those with the lowest potential casino advantage – are the following casino games:
  • Blackjack (with basic playing strategy)
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Craps ( only specific bets)
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker (full pay machines, max bets with strategy)
  • Slots (only at Casino’s with high payout percentages)
  • Sic Bo

These casino games offer you the greatest opportunity of maximizing your winnings, or minimizing your losses, and should be the major focus of your online gambling. We also suggest that you learn our basic blackjack playing strategy. Blackjack offer players the highest payout percentages, and with a good understanding of what moves to make and when, you'll stand your best chances of winning. You should also visit our gambling guides page for additional helpful gambling strategies. 

Casino Games to Avoid

As we mentioned earlier, there are many casino games where the casino's advantage is so high, it's very difficult to come out ahead. In the long run, these games will take you for every penny you've got. We suggest you try not to play the following games. You can see just how high the casino's edge is in the chart below.

Keno +20% to +50%
Big Six Wheel +11.1% to +22.2%
Caribbean Stud Poker +5.2%
Red Dog +3.5%
Let It Ride +3.5%

The reality here is the casino's advantage is to high. You might be able to win a few games, but in the end, you'll walk away bruised, battered, and broke! 

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