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Jacks or Better Poker Tips

Break any winning combination of two pairs or better for a 4-card Royal Flush except a straight flush.

Only break a high pair for a 4-card Royal Flush and a 4-card straight flush.

Only break a low pair for a 4-card straight flush, a 4-card flush, a 3-card Royal Flush or King/Queen/Jack/Ten of mixed suits.

Keep a 4-card flush or a open-ended 4-card straight, but keep a 3-card Royal and draw two cards.

When faced with keeping a 4-card straight or a  4-card flush - hold the flush.

Keep a 3-card straight flush unless you have a winning combination, a high or low pair, a 4-card flush, a 4-card open-ended straight or one or two high cards and the 3-card straight flush has no high cards. Draw to the high cards instead.

Only discard an Ace/King/Queen/Jack of mixed suits in favor of the same suit Jack/Queen or the same-suit high cards.

If you have the Ace/King/Queen/Jack, throw away any 3 of them in favor of any 2 same-suit high cards.

Keep an inside straight IF it has three high cards.

Hold 1, 2, or 3 high cards. If an Ace is one of the three high cards, throw it away and keep the other two unless the Ace is of the same suit as another high card. In that case, keep the Ace and the other same-suit card.

Keep a Ten when you also have a Queen or Jack of the same suit, or when you have a King of the same suit and there is no discard in the same suit or you also have the Ace of that suit.

If none of the above applies of the draw, draw 5 new cards.

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